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Eye On Innocence

Your Partner in Seeking Justice

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever need a consultation, a review analysis or assistance in hiring investigators for criminal cases.  


What We Offer

+Attorney Placement Assistance

+Records review and Research

+Case Study and Analysis


At Eye On Innocnece, we believe that justice is a right, not a privilege. We are here to help people who are wrongfully convicted achieve the justice they deserve. From looking for attorneys and investigators to providing review analysis and consultation, trust us to be at your service.

All our services are free of charge. However, donations of any amount will be highly appreciated. Thank you for supporting our cause.

Please let us know how we can help you. Contact us today in Jacksonville, Florida to schedule an appointment with us.

Our Clients

General Jackson " Corky" Pride

General Jackson “ Corky “ Pride was 22 years old when he was arrested over 30 years ago outside his mothers house and arrested for 3 counts of sexual assault based on an anonymous tip.

He hardly fit the description given to police of the masked assailants. 5 inches shorter, roughly 60 pounds lighter, much darker complected, none noticed Corky has gold forward teeth and was lacking the scar under his right eye that all 3 victims had reported to police. In fact, one of the victims at initially told police that she believed it was her ex boyfriend, whom she had recently been in a fight with.

Nevertheless, General Jackson Pride was tried and convicted of the assault of the mother and her two adult children and sentenced to 6 life sentences.

Today he sits in one of Florida’s many prisons, still claiming innocence of the 1985 assaults.

His family first contacted me earlier this year and asked for help. I read the transcripts and discovered the evidence collected in the crime consisted of the mask worn by the assailant, a pair of women’s pink underwear worn by one of the victims during the attack, and a blood sample collected from the window sill that the police believe the attacker entered the home through. Also collected were pubic hair combings taken from the victim that had been penetrated.

Several years after Corky’s conviction and sentencing, the man known as the “ Northside Rapist “ was apprehended. Police said he’d been terrorizing the women in the area since 1972. He also lived in the exact same neighborhood as the mother and her two daughters that Corky had been convicted of assaulting.

What the police didn’t have at their disposal at the time of Corky Pride’s conviction was the ability to test any of the evidence for DNA. The first time DNA would be used to eliminate a suspect would still be 4 years down the road.

I intend to get Corky’s case back into the courtroom my filing a motion available to Floridians convicted pre the DNA era, with a guarantee of testing available DNA evidence.

Also in Corky’s favor is that the State of Florida requires that evidence be kept and maintained for the duration of the convicted’s sentence. So somewhere in storage, the aforementioned pieces of evidence should be safely stored and accessible.

This means that if we at EOI ( Eye on Innocence ) can secure an attorney for Corky, we may have the means to finally bring an innocent man home.

If you’d like to contribute to help us, help Corky, just click the donate button on this page. For other options you may email [email protected]

Thank you

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